Saturday, 30 December 2017

Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing (Part II)

There are several advantages of Digital marketing over Traditional Marketing. Few of the advantages of Digital Marketing are: -

1) Cost effective: - In compare to Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing is less expensive. As a result cost efficiency of Digital Marketing is far more better than that of Traditional Marketing. Advertising on a Television or a Newspaper is a costlier affair as compare to advertising online.

2) No boundaries (Reach): - As far as Digital Marketing is concerned there are no boundaries or limit to promote your product or service, it is far reaching. Traditional Marketing is restricted to the region or area to which you shoot out your advertisements.
3) Interactive: - Digital Marketing is interactive in compare to Traditional Marketing. You can respond to your client’s queries efficiently with the help of emails, blogs, online Q & A sessions etc. 

4) Speed: - Digital Marketing reaches out at a very high speed as compare to Traditional Marketing. The reach is instant & quick with Digital Marketing.

5) Brand building: - If you want to get hit overnight, Digital Marketing should be your choice. Instant results for your Brand to become popular are possible with the application of correct Digital Marketing strategies. 

6) Non interruptible: - Your Product or Brand or Service is on the go for 24/7. No time zone or breaks required to promote your product. It is on AIR without any discontinuation or interval.

7) Instructive: - Digital Marketing is far more instructive and expressive as compared to the Traditional Marketing. You can very well educate your customer about or product or service.

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