Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing which involves creating, publishing, and distributing online, valuable contents (materials) to a targeted audience.  The contents can be in more than one form, as below: -

1.    Website pages
2.    Blog posts
3.    Social media posts
4.    E-books
5.    White papers
6.    Case Studies
7.    Testimonials
8.    Videos
9.    Images
10. Infographics
11. Podcasts
12. Ad content
13. Periodicals (emails)

Content marketing is functional to bring about the following:-
Ø  Attract customers
Ø  Generate leads,
Ø  Expand customer base,
Ø  Generate sales,
Ø  Increase brand awareness,
Ø  Engagement with audience
Ø  Builds rapport

Content marketing generates lead and bring prospective customers and transforms customers to loyal customers by sharing valuable free contents. Content marketing helps businesses create brand loyalty, provides valuable information, educate the customer for a particular brand, product or service and creates confidence among the customers to purchase products from the company.

Content marketing is an ongoing process which supplements your digital marketing strategy. Regular content sharing with your customer is very important to built up a rapport with your customers. Customer is satisfied with the relevant information or knowledge which he is searching for a given product, service or brand.

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