Friday, 20 October 2017

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

As it goes with the name, Mobile Marketing is marketing on or with the help of a mobile device, such as a smart phone or hand held device. Mobile Marketing can provide audience with product's or brand's information in order to promote the Products, Services or Brands. Mobile Marketing allows us to directly get in touch with consumers through their mobile phones. Marketing on the mobile can be done by SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, Chat etc.
Mobiles users are increasing at an alarming rate, globally and mobiles are fast penetrating everywhere. This gives us great opportunity to apply mobile marketing.  There are so many apps available on the mobiles. At the same time mobile friendly website are developed for easy access via a mobile device.
Marketing campaign on mobile devices is easy and fast. The recipient receives SMS or MMS immediately. Mobile marketing is cheap & affordable, efficient & effective. The response rate of mobile marketing is very good, it reaches the targeted audience. Measurable results are obtained by applying Mobile marketing.

Mobile are very user friendly, easy to carry, easy to reach, most widely used for communication the world over. Mobiles can be used anywhere, anytime. Mobile Apps are becoming popular, helping us to promote our business or services. Mobile apps are of great help to Mobile marketers as these are informative & innovative.

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