Friday, 20 October 2017

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

As it goes with the name, Mobile Marketing is marketing on or with the help of a mobile device, such as a smart phone or hand held device. Mobile Marketing can provide audience with product's or brand's information in order to promote the Products, Services or Brands. Mobile Marketing allows us to directly get in touch with consumers through their mobile phones. Marketing on the mobile can be done by SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, Chat etc.
Mobiles users are increasing at an alarming rate, globally and mobiles are fast penetrating everywhere. This gives us great opportunity to apply mobile marketing.  There are so many apps available on the mobiles. At the same time mobile friendly website are developed for easy access via a mobile device.
Marketing campaign on mobile devices is easy and fast. The recipient receives SMS or MMS immediately. Mobile marketing is cheap & affordable, efficient & effective. The response rate of mobile marketing is very good, it reaches the targeted audience. Measurable results are obtained by applying Mobile marketing.

Mobile are very user friendly, easy to carry, easy to reach, most widely used for communication the world over. Mobiles can be used anywhere, anytime. Mobile Apps are becoming popular, helping us to promote our business or services. Mobile apps are of great help to Mobile marketers as these are informative & innovative.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Social Media Marketing on the go

Social Media Marketing on the go

When it comes to Social media marketing, it is very important that the same is done accurately, in an organized manner, on a regular interval. If the cards of Social media marketing turns out right, it can nurture Brand promotion, bring more traffic, can lead to more customers, and more conversions. The most popular Social Media channels are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube & Pinterest. Depending on the various features available, each of these sites has its own popularity and usage.

Social media marketing is helpful in increasing brand recognition and helps in image building. Social media marketing is very handful to Increase traffic and list building. Owing to its higher conversion rate at low cost, social media marketing is an ideal strategy to your digital marketing 

For small and medium enterprises, having limited or low marketing budget, Social media marketing offers a level playing field. By applying Social media marketing, one can reach a large section of the society with maximum impact, in a cost efficient way. Social media keeps us informed and helps us to raise your profile. With Social media marketing, your business will grow faster and reach the next level..

The sooner you embrace Social media marketing, the better.

Faster, Smarter, Better

Faster, Smarter, Better

Faster, Smarter, Better, these are the few prime features which comes to our minds when we think of Digital Marketing, out of the host of other benefits it offers. Owing to the fact that Digital Marketing uses Internet as its medium of transmission, it is done very fast. In compare to the Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing is Faster to reach and in return gives instant results. Just take an example of an online survey to be done for some market research or advertisement purpose. Do the same survey via traditional marketing using Radio, TV or Newspapers. Which exercise will get you instant results? You guessed it right, it is the online survey. The same holds true for other digital transactions in compare to its traditional counterpart.

On the other hand Digital Marketing is carried out in a Smarter way as compared to the Traditional Marketing. Just imagine the quality of video or the sharpness of image or the clarity of audio or the very presentation via a Website or a Blog. Everything about the Digital Marketing is smarter and lively. You instantly fall in love with the Brand or the Product. Almost every campaign under Digital Marketing is smartly executed to get maximum impact, instant results, more interactive & informative.

Lastly, the returns on investment (ROI) by applying Digital Marketing are far more Better than those from the Traditional Marketing. Just consider the cost of a TV Advertisement and calculate what returns you get from it. Whereas in case of Digital Marketing, not only the cost is minimum, but you get maximum returns. Hence Digital Marketing is a better option to consider than its traditional counterparts.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Basics of Digital Marketing

Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a process of Marketing or promoting a Product or a Service on the Internet, in a cost effective and efficient way. It bridges the gap between you and the target audience using the various channels and platforms available on the internet, by driving more traffic to your Website.

An online presence with a Website is the basic necessity of the Digital Market. A Website acts as an anchor between you and the audiences, it is a parameter to judge how efficient you’re Digital Marketing Strategies are and how effective you’re Digital Marketing Campaign is.

Once you have completed making an attractive and informative Website, the next step is bring traffic to it. It is imperative to have a continuous flow of traffic to your Website. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is an effective way of directing traffic to your website. It consists of two strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Both strategies will help your website to appear in searches on popular Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

The next follows is Social Media Marketing or SMM. It’s a cost effective way to promote your Products or Brands or Services via Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc. With the help of these Social Media platforms, you can have a constant exchange of data, information, knowledge etc. You build up a rapport with your audience or visitor.

Next in line is Email Marketing. By Email Marketing, you send information or brochure for your Products or Brands or Services via Emails. You first build up an email list of all your prospective audiences or clients. You draft an effective email, giving details of your business and information regarding the products or services which you offer. You set an array of emails of new products, offers, discounts etc. and sent it as per the email list. Email Marketing is a cost effective way of promoting your Products or Brands or Services.

Next come Mobile Marketing. With more and more penetration of the Mobiles and easy availability of smart phones, Mobile Marketing is the fastest and easiest way to promote your Products or Brands or Services. You can make effective SMS with proper insertion of sharp images & videos to serve the purpose.

Start Local Think Global

Start Local Think Global

"Start Local Think Global" with the availability of high speed internet connection, a whole range of Social Media channels, ease to shoot out emails, making of dynamic Websites, etc., it is very much possible to take up your products or services to the next level, go global. In case you had the same idea to take your product or service, globally, say 20 years back, you would be dwindling to know how much period, efforts, money, etc.  You would have taken to achieve it.

With the arrival of highly interactive Social Media channels and dynamic websites, you are at ease to deal with your global audience too. Not only you share your contents with them, you exchange food habits, culture, fashion, knowledge, thoughts, books, problems, education, getting rich tips, talent, training, and what not there can be "n" number of things possible.

Indeed the world has contracted into a small ball. You can reach to any corner of the world by online chats, webinars, surveys etc. Anytime, anywhere hence the 24/7 concept came into existence. The Sun never sets for an online shop or a e-commerce store. You can make sale, earn money, and get visitors to your Website or Blog, even while you are asleep.

With the availability of advance tools and analytic techniques, you can know from which part of the world you are receiving maximum orders, response or inquiries. You can than position yourself better to carter to their needs. The same will built up more confidence & rapport with your audience or customers. Thus you can start building up an ongoing list of loyal customers.

Dynamics of E-commerce

Dynamics of E-commerce The dynamics or the forces that governs the E-commerce are far better and faster as compared to its traditiona...